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This discussion board has been set up and established (since June 2nd, 2005) by the YORWW Congregation especially for (1) JEHOVAH'S WITNESSES ONLYwho also must be (2) individuals who still believe in the forty (40) Basic, Fundamental Truths currently taught by Jehovah's Witnesses today. Indeed, these two (2) important qualifications are a REQUIREMENT to join this particular discussion board. You can find a complete list (along with a full discussion of each teaching) of these 40 Beliefs at this link:




To start off, I wanted to say we [YORWW Congregation] consider ourselves to be spiritual "Hebrews", yes a "Hebrew," much like Abraham was. In fact, according to the Insight on the Scriptures publication, Volume I, page 1065-1066, Abraham was the one that was first called by some pagan onlookers, a “HEBREW,” actually. And this publication further states:


Additionally, if "Hebrew" were to apply to Abraham solely on the basis of his having "crossed over" the Euphrates, the term might seem to be a very general one, applicable to any person who did the same and likely there were many such emigrants in the course of the centuries. With such an origin, the term could be distinctive only if Abraham's crossing of the Euphrates was recognized as being by divine call.


Abraham was called by Jehovah God to ... yes ... "cross over." Isn't that true? Yes, Abraham was called to "cross over" or "pass over" the Great Euphrates River. Did you notice that point? And of course, this made him a "Hebrew" to all pagan onlookers, who were totally unfamiliar with this new immigrant or stranger who worshiped the True God, Jehovah.


Indeed, we are reminded of the words of Paul at 2 Corinthians 11:22 where he once said of himself:


Are they Hebrews? I am one also. Are they Israelites? I am one also. Are they Abraham’s seed? I am also.” (New World Translation)


Similarly, we think there are many today, who are getting this same call from God ... to "Cross Over" or "pass over" spiritually-speaking, the Great “Euphrates” River of our times. What do you think of this idea? -- See Revelation 9:14.


As you recall many years ago, did not Jehovah Himself authorize the Persian Leader "Cyrus the Great," yes some 500 years before his birth even, to free the 70-year enslaved, captives of His Name People? Yes Cyrus, under Jehovah's Direction, finally freed the nation of Israel from “Babylon the Great” of ancient times. -- See Isaiah 44:28-45:2. 


Well, could not the same be true today. Yes, as Jehovah's Modern-Day "Cyrus" accomplishes the same thing for Jehovah, assisting many to actually "cross over" the Mighty “Euphrates” River of our times? Indeed, a duly authorized modern-day "Cyrus" of our time, would actually issue the command to leave modern-day “Babylon” of our time, thus fully freeing modern-day captive “Israelites” to righteously return to pure worship in our day.  This person today can also be called God’s Modern Day “Servant.” -- See Isaiah 45:1, 2; Isaiah 49:5, 9, 10; Jeremiah 50:4, 5; Revelation 9:14; Revelation 18:2-4.


Therefore, we believe Jehovah's Witnesses have become God's Name People ever since their taking the Divine Name upon themselves in 1931. (Numbers 6:27; Acts 15:14) Also, Jehovah’s Witnesses are very similar to the ancient nation of Israel in that they believe and teach some 40 Basic Truths or Basic Principles that are found within the Mosaic Law which distinguished the nation. (Exodus 19:5, 6; Deut. 26:16-19; Deut. 28:1) Please take the time to read over these 40 Basic Truths (that we know are exclusively taught by some eight [8] million Jehovah's Witnesses worldwide) and see if you agree with all of them, personally.


Also, please take a brief moment and read over the page called "Our Mission" which tells the overall purpose and objective of this website. By doing this, I believe you would agree with me, that we would then have much in common to talk about as persons of like faith and belief. -- 1 Corinthians 1:10; 2 Corinthians 13:11


Today as many are becoming aware, there are many internal problems and unforeseen critical issues surfacing among God's Name people, which tests the faith of God's People gathered in some 100,000 congregations worldwide. Therefore, this special discussion board has been made available and accessible to all Jehovah's Witnesses who want scriptural answers to such a baffling situation currently facing us.


In short, our solution (at CE Discussion Board) points to one shocking but unknown fact for all Jehovah's Witnesses today, namely we firmly believe Jehovah's Witnesses are indeed, existing in what the bible calls "Mystery, Babylon The Great" and must heed the warning found at Revelation 18:4 to "Get Out of Her" immediately, to remain in Jehovah's Favor! -- Revelation 17:5, 7


Therefore please be advised this particular discussion board has been especially created to EXPLORE THE POSSIBILITY that Jehovah's Witnesses could be held in a form of Pharisee-type spiritual “captivity” by the Watchtower Society, whom we believe fits the prophetic role of Modern Day "Babylon the Great."


Quite an idea, don't you think?


Please Note:


The CE [CrossingEuphrates] Discussion Board is designed to provide specific, in-depth information from God's Prophetic Word to help us identify "Babylon the Great" of our times, and show us what one must do to fully escape "her" wicked antics. - See Revelation 18:4.

So if this sounds like you, then by all means please join us for genuine fruitful, insightful bible discussions, at this link:  JOIN HERE.


Indeed together in the COMPLETE PRIVACY OF YOUR OWN HOME BY WAY OF THE INTERNET, we will be able to consider these very serious matters of worship that are  affecting all of us today, using God's Holy Word. Yes, we will consider very crucial matters, in these Last Days ... these "critical times, hard to deal with" foretold to come in scripture ... ohhh yes, that many of Jehovah's Witnesses are earnestly seeking answers to, in our day and time! Let's do this together. Praise Jah!!! -- Philippians 4:8; 2 Timothy 3:1

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